Malaysia in Healthcare

Malaysia, as one of Asia's most recognized developing countries, has risen to its immense potential as a preferred healthcare travel destination for the world. Healthcare in Malaysia is an attractive proposition, offering world-class quality healthcare, which is easily accessible and competitively affordable, for patients’ peace of mind.

Global demand for healthcare services is expected to continuously expand in the future due to projected demographic shifts, among which are the increase in aging population, life expectancy and lifestyle diseases.

Healthcare in Malaysia operates on an efficient and widespread two-tier system, consisting of a government-run universal healthcare system that serves Malaysian citizens, and a co-existing private healthcare system that caters to citizens and international patients alike.

Malaysia offers top-quality healthcare services, thanks to stringent regulations and standards for safety and quality set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), benchmarked against the highest standards in the world. In addition, Malaysian healthcare professionals are highly skilled and received training from renowned institutions around the world, operating in state-of-the art facilities.

According to MHTC, the top 5 countries of health visitors seeking healthcare in Malaysia in 2015 are Indonesia, India, China, Japan and United Kingdom. Future growth is expected from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Vietnam.

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