Scientific Program

Topics of Interest:

Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Screening technologies and diagnostic markers.
  • Estimation of prognosis and identification of individuals at increased risk of cancer.
  • Factors associated with stage of diagnosis and clinical outcome.
  • All types of therapy and all phases of development and testing.

Epidemiology and Prevention

  • Population-based research aimed at understanding causation, incidence, trends, and risk (such as environmental and genetic risk).
  • Research on prevention (for example, lifestyle and nutritional factors), including individual and community interventions.

Health Services Research

  • Quality and cost of healthcare and coordination of care.
  • Development and testing of healthcare delivery methods.
  • Access to healthcare including primary care and screening services.

Information, Patients and the Public

  • Public policy issues, ethics and confidentiality.
  • Education and communication about cancer.
  • Involvement of patients and public in deciding research priorities.
  • Patient-led research.

Survivorship and End of life Care

  • Living with and beyond cancer: physical, psychological and social impacts and their management.
  • Research into care at the end of life.

The Cancer Cell and Model Systems

  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms of oncogenesis and tumour suppression.
  • The tumour microenvironment.
  • Cell biology relevant to cancer.

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